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Chapel Perilous

Evil's Family

The Household of Satan

This page is a guide to all the articles in this website about the family of evil usually understood to be under the being called Satan or "The Adversary."

The links to each of these articles will be found at the right and their descriptions are under these links.

New pages are added, and old ones modified, from time to time. Any new page will be found here if related to the topic.

Articles About the Family of Evil

  • The Golem Hides
    • The manufactured body made available for a disembodied spirit being, such as Satan after he lost his own body when he was cursed by God.
  • A Short History of Satan
    • An upcoming page not yet posted.
  • The Jaws of Death
    • An investigation of the ancient origin of murder and cannibalism and the cosmic upheaval said to have accompanied Cain's murder of Abel.
  • Lilith: Whe was that Masked Woman?
    • The goddess of a thousand faces. This article on Lilith discusses who she was and why she was universally feared. Lilith was not Adam's first wife, as so often assumed, but Lucifer's twin sister and bride. Ah, but who was Lucifer?
  • Athena: Virgin Prophetess
    • The little-known history of the prophetic pagan Virgin deity whose statues, shrines, and sacred sites were suddenly converted into Roman Catholic sites late in the 4th century and re-named for Mary.
  • Megaliths & Blood
    • Massive structures on the earth and Mars and their link to the earth grid system, UFO's and the Nephilim. Not for people with weak stomachs.
  • Mars is Coming
    • The curse of planetary engineering. How the Nephilim attempted to redesign our solar system in ancient times, and how it led to calamity. The final destruction of Mars in the last days.