The Golem Hides

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There is an ancient legend among the Jewish people, a tale so bizarre it ought not be repeated too widely, for if it were to prove true--may God forbid it should--but if it were true, Sheol itself might disgorge much of its imprisoned prey.

It would be better to say no more.

But, unfortunately, someone has disclosed too much already, and now we may but watch in horror the events which inevitably will follow...

First, however, before we divulge the situation at large, let us go back in time and discuss what a Golem is...or was.

The story the rabbis tell is that long ago someone discovered how Adam was formed and tried to duplicate the work of creation by molding "clay" into a giant man and animating it by pronouncing the sacred name of the Almighty. Satan then entered into this soul-less giant and gave it a kind of life. This giant was a "Golem."

In one legend the Jews record, the first one to make a Golem was thought to have been Enoch, the first-born son of Seth, whom Genesis says took Abel's place after Cain had consumed him in his anger. This Enoch is not the same as the 7th-born Enoch whose words are quoted in the epistle of Jude, but an earlier ancestor of the more famous Enoch.

It would appear the original rabbinical speculation had been about how long ago the first Golem could have been made. Genesis says that when Enoch was born, "men began to call upon the name of the LORD." Because the sacred name is considered the key to animating a Golem, it follows that no Golem could have been made prior to the birth of Enoch, son of Seth.

But at the time of this Enoch's birth, there were, in theory, only a handful of "men" alive: Adam, Seth, Enoch, Cain, and his first-born, Enosh. So who was calling upon the name of the LORD? And why?

If it had been Seth, why wouldn't Genesis simply say so? Why, the rabbis wondered, did the text not simply declare that Adam and Seth began to call upon the sacred name when Enoch was born?

Now Enoch was just a baby, of course, and so he hardly could be the one referred to. The story that it was Enoch who made the first Golem, then, may be a confusion with the rabbinical observation that no Golem could have been made before Enoch's birth. Or it may be a confusion with Enosh, the son of Cain.

Enosh was of the same generation as Seth. Genesis does not name the "men" who began calling upon the sacred name, which allows for the possibility the "men" were Cain and his son Enosh. Why would they try to manufacture a giant?

We suspect some sort of ancient genetic experimentation was being conducted because not only does Genesis later say so, but virtually every other cultural tradition of mankind records myths and legends of similar nature. Every ethnic memory retains a tale or two of mutant giants on the earth in past ages. Like the universal Flood stories, the giant stories are part of the common heritage of all humanity.

More than mere legend supports this idea. We have, for example, great megalithic stone structures around the globe which seem to have been built oversize, as if for giants, and whose massive building blocks would have challenged even the vaunted strength of giants to heft and position them. Their global remains match the global giant myths, and in many places the peoples insist the giants of their myths were indeed the builders of these structures.

There are also lots of giant bones and skeletons lying about, not to mention modern reports of very large humanoid creatures or "Bigfoot" type entities. It may shock people to be told this, but one of the beliefs of the Nazis was that they were descended from the Nepilim, the giants of old. The goal of the Nazi breeding program was to rebuild these old "Nephilim" genes, thereby producing a race of new "supermen" equipped with great stature and supernatural and occult powers. The Nazis believed killing the Jews was the required blood-sacrifice needed to animate a new generation of super-men with Luciferian powers.

The strong parallels between the Nazi creation of a race of demonic super-men and the legends of the Golem should be viewed as no accident. The Nazi SS leaders devoted a lot of effort to studying precisely this kind of material.

All of which brings us back to Cain and Enosh. If there is any truth to the legend, the Nazi model may provide the clue that explains why the first Golem might have been made after Enoch was born. The Nazis were planning to conquer the world, gain dominion, and exterminate all the competing races. Could Cain have had similar motives?

Genesis makes Cain to be the first-born, and therefore, the presumed heir to Adam's dominion. But after he kills Abel, Cain is exiled to the east toward the Mesopotamian valley where Babel and Babylon would arise, and modern-day Iraq. As an exile, Cain would have dreamed of restoration. He would have wanted to return in triumph, succeeding Adam as ruler of mankind. Having killed Abel, he assumed there was no one to oppose him. But Seth was born, then Enoch.

Cain began to realize he needed to compete by multiplying his descendents.

But Genesis records a curious phenomenon: Though Cain had a decided advantage of an extra generation head-start, he produced fewer generations than Seth did. There is a hint here that something was genetically wrong with Cain.

And the rabbis support it. Cain's offspring, they say, suffered from either giantism or dwarfism. Moreover, Cain was said to have a horn growing out of his forehead. He had inherited this mutation from his father, an angel the Jewish legends call "Samael"--the angel of Mars who later is called "Satan"--meaning the Accuser or Prosecutor, one who sat in judgment over mankind to condemn it to death.

The assumed scenario implied by all of this is that an attempt was made to modify Cain's genetic inheritance in order to compete with Seth's line. Out of this grew the legend of the Golem.

But there is another, more sinister, level to the myth of the Golem. It was to serve as a physical body for the indwelling of Satan. The Golem had no soul of its own to be "possessed" by Satan, which allowed it to be used in a more complete and powerful manner than in a "possession."

In the old stories, the angel Samael had a magnificent angelic body or "Mantle" which was removed or lost in his rebellion. He is condemned as Satan to "go on thy belly" or his inner spiritual being, and to "eat dust all the days of thy life" or devour human bodies--take possession of human hosts--in order to be active: A form of what is now called reincarnation.

Could it be, then, that this fallen angelic creature found itself without a body and coaxed his first-born son and grandson into using occult means of fashioning him a giant, replacement body? A Golem?

Jewish historians record the last supposedly genuine Golem was made in Prague in the sixteenth century, but was never destroyed. The giant hulk of this super "man" may yet be lurking in its dull esoteric slumber away in some dank stone chamber in the old city, a rusted-out old lock on a termite-ridden door all that stands between the sleeping Golem and an unsuspecting world.

But fallen angels have higher goals than Frankenstein creatures in forgotten European lofts. They have their eye on choicer victims.

If you were seeking a body, a vessel to occupy for the grand finale of human history, would you settle for some moldy sixteenth century Golem, or might you prefer a more princely portion: handsome, rich and powerful?

Former mighty ones cast from the high battlements of Heaven must surely select a succulent slice of Scottish laddie over even the best-preserved Medieval Golem.

And what if that Highlander were an "immortal" as the old clan legends tell? Perhaps there's more to all these ancient claims of "Mighty Men of old, the men of renown" than we have dared suspect. Can a child be brought into the world without a soul? Are the Nephilim genes still with us? Does the blood of angels flow in our veins? Do giants walk among us? Are our dreams haunted by the auld din of warring seraphim?

Can a handsome young man truly be a Golem?

Does evil prefer beauty and glamour over ugliness? Is our naive habit of equating wickedness with warts leading us into deception? Perhaps the truth is too obvious:

The Golem hides!

Flee the Golem's Shadow. . .

The Golem has been stalked by perceptive persons!