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Chapel Perilous

About Us

Chapel Perilous

This website was launched on July 12, 1998. It was titled "Chapel Perilous" to reflect its mission: To generate ideas and insights which examine our perceptions about mankind's origins, history and destiny. The site contains news items and articles that target these topics, with emphases upon archeology, Biblical mysteries, myths, legends, astronomy, ancient and medieval history, and related matters.

There are 50+ pages on the website. They total enough content to fill a book. The annual page-view "hit" rate for the site has been growing rapidly since the site was first launched and was nearing one million by Jan., 2016.

The website is updated often, usually on a weekly basis.

The e-mail address is olaf.hage (at)

Petra Grail

The name "Petra Grail" was chosen because the Holy Grail has spent more time at Petra than any other location, and the history of the Grail reflects much of the time-frame and subject-matter of the website.


Hage Productions

The sponsor of the website is the Whitestone Foundation for Research

The mailing address for WhiteStone Foundation for Research is 201 Raton Street, Suite #112, Trinidad, CO 81082.

Olaf Hage

Antiquarian investigator Olaf Hage has been involved in print, audio and video publishing for some 35 years. In addition to his research into religion and history, he was formerly a working journalist and a technical writer in the fields of government regulation & energy economics.

Professional Writing Background

Mr. Hage authored Affirmative-Action fulfilment notices for national retail chains having thousands of stores, in compliance with the 1964 and 1965 Civil Rights Acts. He helped write The Care-Labeling Guidebook which was incorporated into the federal Care-Labeling Act of 1969. He was personally responsible for rewiting the proposed labeling texts in the Guidebook and reduced the wording on all textile and clothing care-labels to a minimum.

Mr. Hage attended the nation's initial video publishing conventions in 1970 and 71, while working as a film and television writer. His five-part series on Man's Search For Extra-Terrestail Life was scheduled to be the first PBS exploration of UFO's until President Nixon's attack on public funding of PBS forced it to be cancelled. It was the first series ever jointly-approved by both the Public Affairs and Cultural Affairs divisions of PBS, and was co-developed by filmmaker Jonathan Bernstein.

Honored for his efforts by the Organization For Consumer Justice, he helped to save Maryland residential electric users circa $300-million, cumulative. He authored a first-ever citizen "Cost-of-Service Study" on Western Maryland's C & P electric utility in 1977, which he presented in testimony before the state Public Service Commission. He was a retail industry advisor on the nation's initial hearings into peak-hour & incremental-load pricing in New York state. An article on his work on electric vehicle efficiency appeared in Electric Vehicle News, a publication of the Edison Electric Institute, in the mid-1970's. His reports on energy efficiency and oil usage patterns helped persuade the Federal Energy Office, later the Federal Energy Administration, to halt its plans for mandatory energy shutdowns in the 1970s, which would have put many millions of people out of work overnight.

In 1977, with John Barker, he co-founded & co-designed the much-imitated and highly - innovative Central Maryland weekly magazine-style paper The Fredericktonian, for which he wrote frequently on religion and ethical issues. In the early 1980s, he published the newsletter Science & Theology.

Theological Studies and Background

Mr. Hage studied religion, philosophy and literature at Middlebury College, and has done course-work in Biblical and Systematic Theology through Emmanuel College. His college study included Formal Ethics, Latin and Physics. He has post-college credit in Adult Learning Techiniques and Neuro-Linguistics.

He has studied most of the primary sources of the Western religious tradition. Raised in the Roman Catholic Church, he had once considered entering the priesthood to become a theologian. He is now devoting his attention to writing a multi-volume examination of basic issues in Biblical and Christian history. He also arranges telephone conferences for the Independent Research Network's investigations into controversial Biblical topics.

Mr. Hage has taught courses and given seminars on several subjects, including Is Creationism Christian? and The Origins of Myth and Legend. He has produced four videos, dozens of audio tapes, and numerous printed reports. Mr. Hage's new book, "The Secret History of The Bible," was published in two volumes in the fall of 2001. In 2022, the next book in the series--"Paradise Found"--will be ready for published.

Thank you for your interest in us!