LILITH, continued: PART 2


   There is a sacred divine woman the ancients called their
"LADY" and for whom they built religious shrines dedicated
to "The VIRGIN" in the midst of their cities.  They sculpted
beautiful statues of her.  She was honored for her great wis-
dom and patronage of those who prayed to her.  She was also
esteemed to make prophecies.  She was said to have been born
of an 'Immaculate Conception' without any sexual union.

   Her name in Greek was "Athena" which means "LADY" and her
chief shrine was the "Parthenon" or "Place of The VIRGIN" in
Athens.  In Rome she was called "Minerva"--a word which may
have come from the Semitic "Men-Ur-Awa": "Moon-Light-Woman."
In either case she was shown with OWLS, identifying her as
the wise, winged night predator.

   These are the characteristics we now identify with LILith,
the owl-lady of the night, the Queen of the Witches or WISE
women, and the one who claimed to be THE FIRST WOMAN, who was
unwilling to be the wife of Adam unless he submitted to her,
as one legend has it. Although not later a virgin, she bacame
patron of virgins in the eyes of the pagans, for supposedly
resisting male advances.

   At length, the strong and violent resistance of LILith to
certain kinds of sex became a story of a MILITANT feminist, a
WARRIOR WOMAN who carried a sword & shield and wore a helmet:
Athena/Minerva.  Like them, LILith had a very strange birth;
in some versions, made out of clay, not born or procreated.
But we have shown that she was really the female half of the
twins which Samael, the angel of Mars, had by Eve.

   LILith did not see herself as just a daughter of Eve.  She
was the offspring of an angel.  She was at least half angel.
Some argue she was 3/4's Nephilim because they think Adam and
Eve were themselves sired by the "gods."  Indeed, some Jewish
tales make her to be 100% angel.

   By such standards, LILith would have considered herself a
god or goddess.  She would have looked down upon "mortals"
like Eve, her mother.  She would have seen herself as one of
the immortals, destined to reign forever as "Queen" of the
earth and its nearby planetary realms, if not beyond.

   We find still more details about LILith in the tablets of
Ninevah("NIN-EVA": "The Lady Mother")where a library of clay
records was destroyed in 612 bce by the Babylonians.  These
tablets are not themselves very ancient, but scholars feel a
number of them tell of events in earliest Sumer from c.2,000
years before Ninevah fell.  The tablets are incomplete, and
there is considerable dispute about their meaning and dates,
but much useful information is certainly inscribed on them.
In particular, there is a story about the post-Flood world
and how a very old "Queen"--who had been among those "gods"
who had fled earth to escape the Deluge--had later "retired"
to a place on the earth, a place of great significance.  She
was called "NIN-HUR-SAG".
   In ancient Sumer, NIN-HUR-SAG, "Lady-of The Mountain-of
Wisdom" who was the wife-sister of ENLIL and called "MOTHER
OF THE GODS," retired to the landing site of the "ANNUNAKI"
(or NEPHILIM), a place Zechariah Sitchin identified as a
"space-port" frequented by ancient rocket-ships.  Sitchin,
in his book "THE WARS OF THE GODS AND MEN" [AVON: 1985], on
page 45, shows a picture of one of these ancient craft from
a Sumerian illustration.  It does indeed appear to have a
jet-like trail coming from the bottom, which looks like a
standard rocket with stabilizer fins, but the overall image
looks exactly like an OWL.  Here, perhaps, is a clue tying

   Where was this place of owl-shaped "craft" to which the
"MOTHER OF THE GODS" retired?  Could it be the wilderness
that LILith is said to haunt like "a screech owl"?  Isaiah
34:14 uses the word "Lilith" in its Hebrew text:

   " Edom...the SCREECH-OWL ["Lilith"] also shall 
   rest there, and find for herself a place of rest."

   Sitchin says she retired to the "Sinai".  But recent 
research about where "Mount Sinai" was located supports
Paul's assertion in Galatians 4:25 that it was in ARABIA,
that is, in the land of Edom, not far from PETRA.  Could
NIN-HUR-SAG have gone to Petra?  Isaiah's "screech-owl" is
in Edom, whose ancient capital was at Petra.

   Sitchin relates how her son NIN-URTU prepared the site
for her by damming a mountain to create irrigation.  He
orders the workers to build terraces of fruit trees as a
garden on the sides of this mountain called "HAR-SAG" or
"Mount of the Wise" or perhaps "Witch Mountain."  Sitchin
says it means "HEAD Mountain"--meaning it is the TALLEST
mountain of the region.  This mountain, NIN-URTU says, can
bring her "the FRAGRANCE of the Gods"--usually identified
as frankincense and myrrh, the "divine" spices.

   All these descriptions would certainly fit Petra.  It
is taller than the surrounding mountains.  It is famous
for its spices and its wise sages.  It was inhabited long
before the Sumerians wrote down their legends and was once
a garden spot, irrigated by water from a spring that was
dammed up inside the mountain itself by an ingenious set
of eight gigantic cisterns carved into its summit.  It has
long been considered haunted by a ghoulish spirit that the
Bedouins fear by night.  Some American visitors have said
they witnessed a ghostly spectre on the top of Petra.

   It is doubtful any other mountain on earth fits all the
requirements as well as Petra.  Sitchin says NIN-HUR-SAG's
place of retirement was the same place where the ANUNNAKI
(or Nephilim) had come down to earth.  Is there evidence
the Nephilim had "landed" at Petra before the Flood?

   In the pseudepigraphal "BOOK OF ADAM AND EVE" there is
a detailed account of fallen angels coming down to earth to
have sex with human women.  The place where this occurred
is described in great detail.  The text makes a great many
references to a "Cave of Treasures" of gold, frankincense
& myrrh inside the mountain Adam and Eve went to after they
were forced to leave Eden.  The book says Adam and his sons
--the heirs--were buried in the sacred "Cave of Treasures."
Atop the mountain was an altar; on the western side of the
mountain a river flowed down between hills or cliffs.  This
was the Mountain of Adam.  Atop this mountain the sons of
Adam dispensed wisdom and judgment.

   This accurately describes Petra, whose caves are ancient
burial chambers, one of which is called "The Treasury" and
said to have been a storage place for gold, frankincense &
myrrh.  Atop Petra is an extremely ancient altar. A stream,
the Wadi Musa, flows out of Petra to the west between two
mountainous cliffs called the Siq.  The old name for Petra
was "Sela" or "The Place for Receiving Petitions"--just as
the "BOOK OF ADAM AND EVE" describes on Adam's Mountain.

   In the days of Jared prior to the Deluge, we are told,
Satan and the fallen angels came down on this very same
mountain where the Cave of Treasures was located, then
proceeded down to the valley to the west where they had
intercourse with the daughters of Cain.  This would have
been around the valley of the Wadi Arabah between Petra
in lower Jordan and the Sinai Peninsula, about half-way
between the Dead Sea and the Gulf of Aquaba.  Sitchin may
be correct in identifying the Sinai area with the events
which followed the initial arrival of the Nephilim, yet it
seems to have been Petra where the actual first encounter
took place.

   Sitchin says this was a desolate place after the Flood,
yet NIN-HUR-SAG insisted on living in this haunted mount,
against the advice of her son and family.  Unable to keep
her from living at Petra, NIN-URTU decides to irrigate and
reclaim it for her.  She wishes to sit on this particular
mountain as a queen alone for some reason.  Why?

   It is clear from the Jewish legends that LILith coveted
power and the throne of Adam.  She saw herself as his equal,
and even his superior--of higher angelic stock, a goddess
over him and all mankind.  One of her common pagan titles
was "Ashoroth, Queen of Heaven," and the Bible mentions her
at least 16 times in 8 books.

   And so, if our reconstruction is correct, it would make
sense from her perspective, having been kicked out of Petra
after her brother Cain murdered Abel, to finally return in
triumph and rule from Petra after the Flood.  The old texts
make it clear that she had not had access to Petra from the
day she and Cain were exiled until the Deluge came.

   After the Flood, it was a different story.  LILith at
last was able to re-enter Petra, the Mountain of Sages, or
"HUR-SAG" as they called it.  So her name "NIN-HUR-SAG" was
a title she had coveted for ages.  To her, it meant she was
finally the "Queen-Lady of the Mountain of Adam."  It was,
she no doubt felt, her rightful inheritance.

   Unless NIN-HUR-SAG is LILith, the twin sister of Cain,
her act of returning to this desolate, lonely mountain is
inexplicable.  But as LILith, it makes perfect sense, for
this is the mounatain where she was born and grew up.  She
had been expecting to rule the world from here.  She must
return to the scene of the crime, so to speak, for this is
also the place where she goaded Cain into killing Abel.

   Here, then, in the old Ninevah tablets, is the story of
the aged LILith, returning to earth after the Deluge, not
willing to be dissuaded by anyone, adamantly insisting on
living out her years as "Queen of Heaven" at Petra, where
mankind had first established civilization some 12,000 or
so years before.

   Could she truly have lived 12,000 years?

   The great ages recorded in Genesis seem prosaic compared
to the gargantuan life-spans attributed to the ancients by
the Babylonians, the Sumerians, the Akkadians, the Syrians,
the Phoenicians, the Egyptians, the Indians, the Chinese,
and many others.  Lives of thousands of years are taken as
normal for those who lived before the Great Flood they all

   Today we marvel at anyone who passes their 100th year--
yet genetic scientists are reporting daily that they think
they are going to be able to arrest or even REVERSE aging
in the 21st century.  Think of it:  Our own scientists are
telling us that there could be people born within the next
hundred years who may NEVER die.

   Suppose this technological break-through is real...and
had been achieved by the pre-Flood world, that is, by those
who lived during the end of the last ice-age.  It would not
seem so strange, then, that stories of god-like individuals
describe them as living for centuries or thousands of years.
Once the aging process has been halted or reversed, only
VIOLENCE can kill you.

   And that is precisely what the old myths say happened to
the pre-Flood world 12,000 years ago.  Just as the Bible in
Genesis 6 states, the whole world descended into bloodshed
and murder.  All ancient peoples record the same thing.  In
a world where violence is the only way to die, violent death
becomes the universal fate of mankind.

   Even so, it degenerated beyond violence, for the legends
also say the offspring of the fallen angels, the Nephilim or
ANUNNAKI, saw themselves as greatly superior to mankind and
exploited humanity in every way.  As a "Master Race," these
half-angelic "giants in the earth" viewed pure humans as a
herd of animals.  People became FOOD for the giants.  It is
alluded to throughout the Bible, but only openly stated in
outside writings and the pagan myths.  Cannibalism took over
the earth before the Flood.  Had the Deluge not come, there
would have been no true human flesh saved alive. Ironically,
the Flood was the only way to rescue Noah's family from the
giant cannibal "Master Race" spawned by the Nephilim.

   For LILith, the cannibals were an army of the night, the
demonic offspring of her bitterness and vengeance.  She had
obviously hoped to irradicate the line of Seth, and she had
nearly succeeded.  Many legends recount her midnight sexual
exploits as a way to steal semen to breed her army of demon
giants.  The texts cannot explain why, but she seemed to be
rarely able to produce "normal" children.  She and Cain had
only giants or dwarves, the Jewish legends say.  Her half-
Nephilim genes were a bad tree that yielded only bad fruit.

   After thousands of years, LILith appears to have found
even she was aging.  It happened so slowly that her youth
drifted away without notice, it seems.  Sitchin says those
who portrayed NIN-HUR-SAG in her latter years were making
fun of her, calling her the "old cow" and showing her as a
bloated dowager.

   But the old "Night Hag" was not finished.  In escaping
the earth, the Nephilim developed an inter-dimmensional
technology that allowed her to SHAPE-SHIFT.  She might be
a real-life hag, but with the help of time-shifting UFO's,
even LILith could be young and beautiful again.

   Once she grasped the significance of the new technology
and realized that her Nephilim genes gave her the inherited
shape-shifting potential, LILith began to "branch-out" and
become active in the world in a whole new way.  Once again
able to have sex, she romped over the world in an orgy of
new youth. [We have documented the stories of her escapades
from all around the world on another LILith page.]

   However, something seems to have gone wrong.  LILith was
soon involved in stealing children, sucking their blood and
other fluids, and in "soul-stealing" as a means of deriving
immortality.  Apparently, the shape-shifting only whetted
her appetite for the actual restoration of her body.  What
she needed to REVERSE aging seems to be found in the young
bodies of children and in sexually-aroused men.  Whatever
these substances are, she needs them desperately.

   It has long been noted that alien abductions are almost
always accompanied by extractions of vital fluids from the
victims.  What was once attributed to LILith and her night
visitors is now being done by supposed "alien" beings.  The
old "Night Mary" and her vampire raids are become a kind of
global mass-production enterprise.  It would seem they are
feeding a lot more than the vanity of one woman.

   There are followers of LILith and Cain among us.  They
include Laurence Gardner, author of BLOODLINE OF THE HOLY
GRAIL, who is Presidential Attache to the European Council
of Princes, whose chief is Gardner's close friend, Prince
Michael of Albany, the head of the House of Stewart, and
heir (they claim) to the royal throne of Scotland.  There
is also an implication that if William and Harry were not
of Scottish descent by Diana, Michael of Albany would also
be claiming the British Throne itself. [See THE FORGOTTEN
MONARCHY OF SCOTLAND, Element Books, 1998, by Michael of

   Gardner's first book in his "BLOODLINE" trilogy argued
that Michael of Albany is the true descendent of Jesus by
Mary Magdelene [sic] and the heir of the Throne of David.
That is, Gardner is claiming that Michael of Albany is the
Messiah.  No joke. [We have refuted the Mary Magdelene myth
elsewhere and will add a page on this topic soon.]

   In volume two of Gardner's trilogy, GENESIS OF THE GRAIL
more astonishing claims.  He says he--Gardner--is a member
of "The Dragon Court," which he insists is the oldest still
functioning court on earth, going back 4,000 years.  It is
from this Court's traditions that Gardner proceeds to state
the following:

   1) That Cain did NOT kill Abel, but was the true heir.
   2) That Noah was Cain's heir, as was Jesus, hence also
        Prince Michael of Albany.
   3) That Cain was the son of a Nephilim "god," not Adam.
   4) That "Jehovah" was the "evil god" of old.
   5) That the "good god" was the one who told man to eat
        the Forbidden Fruit.
   6) That this "fruit" was really HUMAN BLOOD and BODILY
   7) That the best sources "exist only in live human[s]."

   This man is not only deadly serious, but he has the full
trust and confidence of some of the most powerful persons
in Europe.  When Gardner speaks of his "Dragon Court," he
is apparently referring to THE Dragon the Bible has called
Satan, but who Gardner refers to only as "ENKI" from those
same ancient texts that speak of NIN-HUR-SAG's exploits.

   This "ENKI" is NIN-HUR-SAG's other brother, ENLIL's old
rival.  Gardner sees ENKI as the true heir of CAIN's line.
But if ENKI is Cain's heir from before the Flood, he must
represent the authority of Cain, who is H'ILL or Lucifer.
One dares not guess what bold claims Gardner will make in
his third "BLOODLINE" volume.

   That such ideas are taken seriously seems less important
than the verification Gardner gives that LILith's vampire
quest was not just mythological exaggeration.  A very real
secret practice of drinking human menstural blood and the
eating of human glandular fluids has been going on for many
thousands of years in certain royal families, according to
Gardner.  And he explicitly ties it to NIN-HUR-SAG as the
woman who ORIGINATED the practice.

   Here, then, is blatant admission that a Luciferic royal
line has maintained itself through vampiristic practices
for thousands of years, and that the woman who originated
this bloodline was NIN-HUR-SAG, "MOTHER OF THE GODS" and
"QUEEN OF HEAVEN"--the "NIGHT MARY" of old, whose "wisdom"
made her "Queen of Witches" and patroness of prophets and
seers.  Gardner openly invites his readers to drink blood
and imbibe the glandular secretions of "live human" souls.

   Gardner not only attacks the God of the Jews, he also
attacks "the forgers of historic Christianity" who he says
"stifled" and suppressed this vampiristic tradition and
its proponents.  The rabbis and churches have, he asserts,
prevented the people from gaining the benefits of slurping
each other's bloody orifices and sucking out the psychic
juices lurking in their living brains.

   Lured by the promise of immortality and mystical powers
obtainable from this gory cuisine, thousands of amateurish
vamps will no doubt soon descend upon our cities in search
of willing and not so willing victims.  Too bad Gardner is
so shy about mentioning the side-effects.  The secretions
in question are brain chemicals that affect sanity.  When
cattle are fed the brains of other cattle, they develop a
horrible affliction known as "Mad-Cow Disease" in which an
animal's brain steadily dissolves into mush.  It dies in a
horrible, extended agony.  But first, it goes mad.

   There are prophecies about the coming of a False Messiah
who claims the Throne of Christ at a time when Christians
and Jews are being persecuted savagely.  The perpetrators
are said to be "drunk"--a Hebraism meaning "confused"--"on
the blood of the martyrs."  Most interpreters have assumed
this was just a metaphor, that the persecutors would not be
LITERALLY DRINKING THE BLOOD of their victims.  But no one
until now knew that such practices could in fact make people
"drunk" or mentally confused and mad.

   LILith's slide into madness becomes more comprehensible
when her blood-drinking addiction is taken into account. It
is safe to say that a person engorged with brain chemicals
sucked out of babies would devolve into insane barbarisms
beyond description.  LILith would be cabable of anything.

   It is oft stated in the old accounts that LILith delights
in terrifying people, especially children.  Modern research
into brain chemistry sheds light on this as well.  Fear will
pump up the body's production of the glandular secretions of
greatest interest to LILith.  Like all predatory animals, it
is part of the hunt for LILith to terrify her prey to cause
her victims to pump up their brain hormones so she can feast
on them.  All predators do this.  Gardner has now explained
why LILith and her offspring do it.

   So if your children report seeing a shape-shifting "LADY"
magically appearing to them and telling them horrible things
to frighten them, beware.  She's hungry...


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