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Standing Stones

Photo Credits: 1st 4 & last 3 images by Olaf Hage. All others by J.Tyler Aaron
On July 3, 2001, as we went out for a walk, on a route that takes us by a picturesque pond, we noticed the full moon rise right over the top of the road at the crest of the hill. This moonrise was first after the Summer Solstice, at which a total eclipse (New Moon) of the sun coincided with Mars at perihelion and conjunct with the earth. So these factors caused us to take special note of the subsequent full moon, which was on the night of earth's aphelion, or furthermost point away from the sun--a major node in our orbit that controls whether we are in an ice age or in a warm epoch (and hence a matter of extreme importance in ancient times, especially 10,000 years ago at the close of the ice age, which we identify as the Deluge era). The Solstice aphelion full moonrise right at the crest of the hill centers on the road. This seemed to be beyond chance. So we looked about and, sure enough, there was a standing stone 25' from the curb. [Picture of STONE] It was on a long knoll parallel to the road. The stone was roughly seven feet tall, about 12" x 18" at the base but tapering to about 6" square at the top. It was grey, worn and pockmarked with what we thought looked much like buckshot or bullet holes patched with cement (not unlikely in Maine where hunters shoot at anything they see standing). One side appeared to have been cut or shaved off at an angle not parallel to the road. This would prove to have enormous significance later. As we explored, we soon found a second stone across the road--exactly 25' from the road, just as the first stone had been on the other side but 175' further up the hill. Pacing off a final 175', we arived at the very top of the hill, where we found a rock we estimate is 15' x 10+' and weighs a few tons. The road itself is 25' wide and the width between these Solstice pathway stones would then be 75 feet. Based upon these measures, we were persuaded a unit of 25' was used when the site was laid out. Although we had assumed the site was Norse, it now seems to be far older. The unit is not 25 feet, but 25 inches: Sacred cubits in both Babylon and Egypt, which used it to lay out the Great Pyramid. This original Pyramid siting was itself thousands of years prior to the erection of the Pyramid we are now familiar with, as reported in 2000 by the geologist, Robert Schoch. [See our detailed report on our "NEW ANCIENT HISTORY" page.] The period of history in which the 25" cubit was in use was 2500 BC to as early as 9,000 BC, if Schoch's ideas are included. Voyages to the Americas and C-14 dates for New England stone sites of this sort go back to 2500 BC and the Bronze Age, the Stonehenge epoch. By the way, Stonehenge itself has six or seven stones very similar in shape to these, which can be seen in the interior of its megalithic circle. Using the 25" cubit, we estimated where 10 additional stones ought to have been located, based on a Solstice alignment. By carefully enquiring of local residents, we found witness support for two such stones at the bottom of the hill, which the witnesses saw removed by a local construction firm several decades ago. Their recollected stone locations corresponded to expected 25" cubit estimates for a 12-stone array lined up for Summer Soltice sunset. Additional confirmation came from measuring the first stone precisely, which was done on Monday August 20th with the invaluable assist of author and stone-dowser Mary Leue. Dowsing can detect the presence of spiritual trauma, and hence, human sacrifice. Poltergeist energy has hurled plates, pictures and other objects around houses. Pendulum dowsing is a technique whereby any latent spiritual energy in a stone can be detected, if it is active. [For more on this topic, see our article on the ancient use of poltergeist energy: MEGALITHS & BLOOD.] Little or no such energy was found around these stones, supporting the idea that they were used for mapping and navigational purposes, not human sacrifice or religious ritual. Mary Leue had been to the Isle of Lewis, in Scotland's Outer Hebrides, and she remarked how similar the two sites were. Indeed, independently, I had already taken note of this fact, based upon an illustration in "MYSTERIOUS BRITAIN" by Janet and Colin Bord. That book shows some very similar stones on the Isle of Lewis, which form a parallel avenue aimed at the Summer Solstice sunrise on the Isle, where tradition still recalls that Solstice sightings of the sun were the original purpose of those stones. With Mary Leue's help, the Maine stone's height was measured. Before measure, I had proposed it should be either 75" (3 x 25" cubits), or 87.5" (3 1/2 cubits). The actual measurement of this stone came in at 87.5" (3 1/2 cubits). [STONE] Thus, a pair of stones might have totaled 7 cubits. A pair of stones were 36 (3x12) cubits apart, side-by-side. Each of these pairs was, in turn, 84 (7x12) cubits further up the hill from the previous pair. It appears there were at least six pairs of stones, forming an avenue between them pointed at the Solstice Sunset as you look down the hill. The number "7" corresponds to those 7 moving lights of the heavens--the Sun and Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn--which were those 7 candles of the Candelabra on the south side (where planets would be visible in the sky) of the Holy Place of the Temple. The "12" depicted the 12 fixed signs of the heavens, as symbolized by the 12 loaves of the 12 tribes upon the Golden Table of the Shewbred, of the Temple opposite the Candelabra. This Table corresponded to the part of heaven where God's "Throne" was reckoned to be: The Pole Star about which the vault of the zodiac rotated with its 12 signs. Also known as the Heavenly Mt. Zion. We know that the Phoenicians and Hiram of Tyre helped Solomon build his Temple. Phoenicians were sea-farers, who also carried Solomon's men to lands three years' journey distant. The late Dr. Barry Fell, in his book "AMERICA BC," linked these voyages to stone sites in New England. If we accept that the Israelites and Phoenicians may have used the same 25" cubit, then all these 7 and 12 cubit patterns at this proposed site in Maine would make perfect sense and match the same time-frame. We feel that a third stone, the pair-stone of the second one we found, may currently reside on the doorstep of a newer house built on its former location. There is a stone of the right shape and size now being used as the first step to its front door. It is unusual to see an old stone of this type being used as part of a modern ranch-house. It appears that it might be a standing-stone that theoretically once stood where their driveway now is. The builders could have decided to take the stone, since it was handy, and re-shape it to use for the front step. If it has been re-shaped, its origin might be hard to prove. Given the large number of stones now in local use for steps, foundations and garden decorations, as well as in cemeteries, we felt it would be good to survey the area for signs some of the missing stones had been re-used, but hopefully not reshaped. On Friday, August 24th, 2001, I began to walk systematically around the downtown area, hoping to find either missing stones, or more signs of the stone culture that had erected them. Just as I was ready to give up for the day, I encountered Tyler Aaron, who has an artistic interest in stone. This became a great blessing as Tyler's keen eye spotted several possible standing stones and a number of hitching-posts. The latter could in some case have origins as the severed tops of standing stones used as steps; three such candidates have now been found. (Tyler was also essential in preventing our being seen as a suspicious vagrant wandering about peering too intently at foundations of houses!) [Vagrant] With her Senegalese parrot Suki, Tyler's curiosity led us down the meandering byways and cobbled alleys of this c. 350-year old coastal Maine town. In the glimmering dusk, at the back door of some old brick building, we found it: Identical in every respect with the initial stone spotted on July 3rd. It was being used as the first step to a set of quarried stone steps in an old alleyway. You can see quite easily the difference in the quarried-stone's drill- marks & sharp corners, versus an old standing stone's very worn and crude shape. [Picture] More importantly, this candidate standing-stone is similar in length, taper, and girth to the ones still erect by the road. Color and stone type seem to match too. It even has the rectangular cross-section at the base like the surviving stones. [Picture] All this could have been enough for us to identify it, at least on a preliminary basis, but there was yet another telling detail. The first stone we originally found had a peculiar shaved side which seemed at first to be some defect in the stone, making the "downhill" face smaller than the "uphill" one. We determined on July 6th that it aligned with magnetic north. [NB: It is uncertain where magnetic north may have been sighted from there thousands of years ago when the stone was theoretically set up. We should also observe that some scholars dispute that any magnetic compass was used by the Phoenicians.] This new stone--which could be the fourth standing stone located--is also shaved on the side very much like the standing stone out by the road. These two stones could be twins. One detail worth noting is that the top 2 or 3 feet may be missing from this fourth stone, broken off at the small end because it was not deemed thick enough to serve as a step. Such remnants may also be found around the area. [Possible top remnant PICTURE] This is a nice discovery and provides confirmation for our idea that the surviving stones can be found still in current use if we continue to search the area. It would be ideal if we had a test for such proposed re-used stones, either for their composition or age. With such a test, we could scientifically confirm (or refute) that such stones are re-located standing-stones. Meanwhile, we plan to walk the roads to track down the rest of the lost stone children of those ancient builders who left us this testimony to their longing to find their way home--perhaps home to Jerusalem, where so many things seem to have begun... AUGUST 30, 2001 UPDATE: The layout of the standing-stones in the original "avenue" pointed at that place where the sun sets on the Summer Solstice. But we have now discovered that what would appear to have been the exact place on the horizon where the solar disc would touch down would have been a small knoll, visible from the standing- stone hill. This knoll rises above what is now a dead-end road that used to be the extension of the highway, but some 200-300 years ago, back in Colonial times. We have now walked this old route and believe it could be one mile or so in its whole length, which might make the entire site one of the largest arrays of standing-stones known, if it can be verified, and if it could ever be reconstructed. On the sunset knoll, it looks as if there is some sort of giant boulder. We could not get close enough to be sure. Also, the dense overgrowth of vegetation there is hindering the view until the leaves fall in autumn. If there is indeed a boulder there, the old standing-stone sight-line to the setting sun on the Solstice could have been to it. That boulder there, if it is ancient, and the original standing-stones, could cover a total array length of about a mile. SEPT. 8, 2001 UPDATE: We have now found two or three more stones that may also be derived from "fallen" standing stones. One of these was re-carved into a sign in 1851. If you look closely at the image, you can see a darker discoloration of stone on the back side than on the front. It may have been caused by thousands of years of weathering or simply by being half-buried under damp soil. The back is crudely-formed like all the other standing-stone candidates. In addition to this curious stone, which is long enough to match the 9' height of a fully excavated standing-stone, we have found two other old stones being used as door-steps for a newer home on the other side of the original standing-stone hill, a few hundred feet to the near side. If these stones had originally been "standing" at this location, it would suggest this entire array might have been far longer than we thought only days ago--one that extended down both sides of the hill! We are working on a map of the site that will show the whole scope of what once may have been here. We have now found two standing stones, four possible stones used as steps, one possible stone used as a sign, and two eyewitness reports of two more known confirmed formerly-standing stones, removed about 50 years ago. This is a total of up to eight or nine stones so far. That fact itself is impressive, when you recall that the process began with only one easily-seen stone. OCT 2, 2001 UPDATE: We have made an interesting little discovery over the weekend. The height of the standing stone appears to be exactly 1/24th of the distance between sets of stones as you go up the hill: 87.5" x 24 = 175 feet. This suggests a link to lunar cycles of waxing and waning, of which there are 24 in a lunar year. If we look back to the Summer Solstice event that started our quest, it was the Solstice Full Moonrise over the crest of the hill, framed by the stones on either side. That was surely one of the alignments they had watched for, calibrating their maps and calendars by it. There is a lot more ground to cover around this old town. So stay tuned! [J. Tyler Aaron has a degree in Materials Science, and her sharp, well-framed photographs (which you'll find linked to this article) reveal, better than words ever could, the unusual shape and texture of these stones.]


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