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Natural causes could, of course, shift
planets out of their orbits, or put an
errant planet into a more stable one.
But could we or other such intelligent
beings move a planet out of orbit?

Methods used to shift a planet in its 
orbit vary.  There are several ways to
do it, and it is not certain which of
these might have been used in ancient

One method has been proposed by many
scientists recently: Capturing one of 
the asteroids or comets and using its
mass as it passes by a planet to move
it slightly by gravitation.  There is
a need for numerous fly-bys to shift
a planet significantly.

This has been proposed to move Earth
away from the Sun to offset a global
warming problem, and to move Mars in
toward the Sun to make it more like
the Earth. Since the sun fluctuates
in its spectral efficiency, it's not
good to assume any short-term trend
in climate is permanent. Gradually
shifting a planet by near approaches
of an asteroid also risks collision
or other unexpected consequences.

Another method is to employ what is
called a "mass-driver" to fire some
material from one planet at another,
shifting both by the force of mass
slamming into one and being fired
out of the other.

The stripping of the crust of Mercury
from its surface and the appearance
of a thick layer of debris in Mars'
southern hemisphere, suggests that a
mass-driver might have been used to
bombard Mars in some way.  But there
is no proof that this method actually
was used.  Moreover, the North Polar
Basin could in theory explain these
features on Mars, given the massive
impact that created it. Articles in
the journal NATURE, late June, 2008, 
described this event, which certainly
changed Mars' orbit.

Another method to move a planet could
use an inter-dimensional mass-shifter
that transfers matter from one place 
to another.  IBM has announced that a
method of matter transfer of similar
type is possible, based upon recent

If matter is shifted without having a
vector at the point of arrival, there
would be inertial drag exerted on the
receiving planet, slowing it down and
causing it to shift toward the Sun.

Vector-free matter can be compared to
what would happen if we visualize the
planet as like a man on the edge of a
merry-go-round.  Vector-matter moving
at the velocity of the man would have
no effect if "handed off" to him while
in motion.  But vector-free matter is
like handing the man a bowling ball,
for example, from a standing source,
not in motion.  The man would be hit
by the full force of the ball, which
would have an instant braking effect,
no doubt knocking him off the merry-
go-round altogether.

Vector-free matter has no direction 
of motion.  It arrives as if it has
no motion, but since the planet does
have motion, the matter will impart
a braking effect on whatever motion 
the planet has.

An inter-dimensional transporter is
theoretically able to also determine
the vector of motion of the matter at 
arrival, thereby determining how it 
will affect, or not affect, the planet 
where it arrives.

A fourth method would be to combine an 
inter-dimensional transport with mass-
drivers.  Mass would be fired into an 
inter-dimensional "gateway" located on 
one planet but "land" on another planet, 
exiting from the "gateway" there.

This method allows for precise location 
of the gateways so that a planet can be 
moved in a direction chosen with great 

Transporting matter from an under-sized
planet to one more Earth-like has more
advantages, if significant mass is moved.
By making a large increase in the mass
of the receiving planet, its gravity is
made more Earth-like and able to hold on
to a more Earth-like atmosphere.

The goal of "terra-forming" Mars has now
become practical.  Some scientists claim
we must do this if we are to survive the
eventual swelling of the Sun's carona as
it ages.  The Sun will grow hotter until
it becomes a red giant, swallowing the
Earth at its present location. This will
take billions of years, but it will be
only millions of years before the earth
becomes significantly hotter than it now

It is important to recognize that these 
ideas are no longer science fiction, for
many scientists are currently working to 
create such technology and are seriously 
proposing how we might move the Earth 
and Mars.

If these techniques have occurred to us
after less than 50 years of space travel
and less than a century of rocketry, we
may rest assured that any ancient culture
which had achieved planetary travel would
also have considered similar ideas.

There are numerous references in ancient
literature from Egypt and India, among
others, that describe what appears to be
space flight.  There are Biblical verses
that mention human beings 'ascending up
among the stars' [Isaiah 14, Obadiah 4]
Archaeological finds sometimes can only
be explained if the ancients planned or
viewed them from a great altitude.  

So it is not unreasonable to consider the
possibility that ancient civilizations had
acquired flight and, like us, had quickly
gone on to space.  If we ourselves already
are working on the problem of moving the
planets, we should admit that these ideas
could well have occured to our ancestors.

And it should be easy to understand how a
people faced with errant planets that came
by the earth periodically would have had a
powerful interest in finding a way to move
the orbits of those planets to a more safe

Necessity is the mother of invention...

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