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The Original Design of The Jewish and Christian Scriptures

The Hebrew Bible of the Ancient Priests, Prophets, Kings and Scribes

The Marriage Covenant of Israel

Husband's Promises: YHWH Brides's Response: 12 Tribes
Torah (Law) Nebi'im Melekim Megillot (Queen's Scrools)
Priests (L) Prophets (E) Kings (J) Scribes (B)
Levi Ephriam (Joseph) Judah Benjamin
(Leah) (Rachel) (Leah) Rachel
--------------------- ----------------------- ---------------------- -----------------------------------
Genesis (Joseph) Joshua - Judges (Samuel) Psalms (David) Song of Solomon
(Scribes of Benjamin)
Exodus (Aaron) Samuel-Kings (Isaiah) Job (Solomon) Ruth (Samuel's Scribes)
Leviticus (Joshua) Isaiah (Isaiah) Proverbs (Hezekiah) Lamentations (Baruch)
Numbers (Caleb) Jeremiah (Jeremiah) Daniel (Daniel) Ecclesiastes (Solomon's Scribes)
Ezekiel (Ezekiel) Chronicles (Ezra) Esther (Ezra/Nehemiah)
  *The 12 (Ezra) *Ezra-Nehemiah
5 books of Priests 6 books of Prophets 6 books of Kings 5 books of Queens
11 Books from the Husband 11 Books from the Bride
22 Books altogether: One for each letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
(*Out-of-sequence book(s) inserted here)
Note that every books is in balance. Nothing can be added or subtracted.
The New Wedding Covenant of the Messiah and the Bride of Christ
The New Testament
Legal Covenant of the Kingdom of God
James the Less Peter Paul John
House of David House of Ephriam Scribed of Hillel Priest of Levi
Tribe of Judah Tribe of Joseph Tribe of Benjamin Tribe of Levi
Firstborn of Leah Firstborn of Rachel Second-born of Rachel Second-born of Leah
Matthew, brother of James the Less Mark, grandson of Peter Luke, Assistant of Paul John, brother of James the Greater
The King The Prophet The Scribe The Priest
The Lion The Man The Ox The Eagle
Son of David Son of Man The Word of God The Great High Priest
Gospel of Matthew Gospel of Mark Gospel of Luke Gospel of John
Epistle of James I Peter Acts I John
Epistle of Jude II Peter Paul to the Churches II John
Revelation (Jesus) Revelation (John Mark) Paul to the Persons III John
4 books 4 books 16 books 4 books

Possible Original Book Sequences

NT "Torah" "Prophets" "Kings" "Scribal"
(James) (Peter) (John) (Paul)
Matthew Mark John Luke
  (from Jesus)   (to Jews) (to Gentiles)
Matthew Revelation I James I Thessalonians I Corinthians
Mark **(Seven Letters) I Peter II Thessalonians II Corinthians
  (Seven Seals) II Peter I Timothy Galatians
John (Bishop of Ephesus) I John II Timothy Ephesians
  (Seven Trumpets) II John Titus Phillipians
Luke (Seven Plagues) III John Philemon Colossians
Acts Revelation II Jude Hebrews Romans
Seven Books Seven Books Seven Books Seven Books
14 Books 14 Books
28 Books (4 x 7 = 28)
(If Revelation is one book, the New Testament has 27 (3 x 3 x 3) books.)
(Greek has 27 leters in it alphabet.)

Note: Genesis 1:1 in Hebrew has 28 letters and a numerical value of 2701.

Total for Bible: 22+27=49 (7x7) or 22+28=50 (Jubilee=The Resurrection)

Every book is in balance. No book can be added for subtracted from the New Testament without destropying all of the above design elements in the original text.

(Although much of this design was uncovered by Dr. Ernest L. Martin and others, there are a seemingly endless number of patterns hidden in the sequences of the books of the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures, far more than we can show in a chart. THAT Bible can only be fully "seen" in multiple dimensions.)

Documentation and more about how the Bible was designed, written, and canonized is in our new book, "The Secret History of the Bible."

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